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Professional disinfection

The treatment consists of spraying professional products using special nebulizers that disinfect without damaging the surfaces. The product will be applied as described in the operational procedure, in the areas to be treated previously defined in collaboration with the customer. Professional disinfection treatments eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses.


  • Identification of the areas to be treated, as well as the adjoining areas, where access will be limited until treatment is completed;
  • In order to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination, all necessary equipment for carrying out the treatment is brought to the areas to be treated before the start of the work;
  • The disinfectant solution is atomized in the areas to be treated, with special equipment (atomizers), so that the active substance continues to work according to the times indicated on the label;
  • The room is ventilated after the exposure time. By good ventilation, it dries up again and breaks down into water and oxygen.
  • When measurements show that the air quality meets the standards, the space is released again.

Treatment is carried out by appropriately trained personnel equipped with individual prescribed protective equipment.

What should you take into account?

  • The fire alarm indicators should be disabled by means of a protective cover or by centrally disarming the system if possible.
  • Ventilation systems that recirculate the air do not have to be closed. The supply of fresh air must be switched off in rooms with positive pressure.
  • The EWS method ensures that the contact surfaces in, for example, office spaces are sprayed professionally. This nebulization ensures disinfection without damaging the surfaces and is carried out by special nebulizers. This ensures that the surfaces are exposed to the active substance for a short period after the treatment. This period is the time between the activation of the disinfectant and the drying of the surfaces.
  • The treated area is inaccessible until approximately 1 hour after completion of treatment. This depends on the ventilation and the location.


What should you do at your location before disinfection?
In order to be able to safely carry out the treatment of the office spaces and to achieve maximum effectiveness, the following steps must be carried out properly:

  • There must be no food products or medicines in the area to be treated.
  • Electronic devices should be turned off.
  • All materials that can be damaged by moisture must be removed from the area to be treated. Think of paper objects and, for example, art.
  • Products that come into contact with foodstuffs such as plates and cutlery must be stored safely or removed from the room.
  • Our employees must always have access to the areas to be treated and adjacent.
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