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Pest management

EWS Pest control is specialised in preventing and combating animal pests. With specialists in the field of, among others, industrial hygiene, wood preservation, fauna management and bird control, 24-hour service and its own determination laboratory, EWS Pest control is the contact point for the government, businesses and private persons. Apart from sound all-round knowledge of pests and prevention and control methods, all our employees have one or more specialities.

During the regular visit of our IPM Service technician, we check the presence of pests in and around your (company) building. On the one hand, this prevents inconvenience caused by pests. On the other hand, inconvenience caused by present pests is solved. Because of this you meet all legal requirements and your business process can function uninterrupted.

More information

For more information about our services, you can call or contact us through our contact form.