EWS Portal is the digital portal for all your services. EWS Portal offers your organisation a clear overview of all executed and planned activities and their results. You can log in to our portal at any given moment and from any location, so your information is always available. This saves you lots of paperwork and unclarities.

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The online reporting system has many advantages for you as a customer and provides transparency of our activities:

Pest Control

  • EWS Portal gives the customer access to his personal pest control plan;
  • A member of our service team gives recommendations to the customer to optimise the prevention programme.
  • You can consult information about products placed inside or outside your building;

Gas measurement

  • You can report containers yourself. You will then receive confirmation when this will be included in the planning;
  • You can easily check the online status of a container;
  • You can download regular evaluation reports of measurements at any given moment in Excel.

EWS Portal was developed by the EWS Group itself. This makes carrying out adaptations or additions easy. We are therefore even more capable of meeting the customer’s needs.