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Your trusted partner in preserving food quality

Striving for quality

EWS Group provides solutions tailored to each customer, emphasizing the importance of preserving quality of food and avoiding waste. To achieve this, EWS Group offers both preventive and curative solutions, as well as organic treatment options.


Fumigation with sulfuryl fluoride has proven to be effective in eliminating insects at all life stages, including the eggs. One single, effective fumigation treatment by EWS Group is able to eradicate all instars, creating the so-called “point zero”.

Organic treatments

The organic treatments offered by EWS Group promote sustainability and include low-oxygen treatments, heat treatments, and specialized packaging methods using modified atmosphere (MAP).

Pest management

Buildings may also face problems related to rodent and insect infestations. EWS Group applies the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which focuses on prevention rather than control, promoting a strong collaboration that results in an effective pest management plan.

Fauna management

Problems may arise due to the presence of birds outside the facility: they can be a potential nuisance, causing hygiene issues. EWS Group offers professional bird control solutions to address these concerns effectively.

Your trusted partner

EWS Group provides comprehensive services for pest control, fumigation, bio treatment, and fauna management. The aim is to deliver effective and sustainable solutions that meet customer needs and hygiene standards.

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