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We all have a major impact on mother earth. VacQPack contributes to the reduction of the ecological footprint of the logistics in the processing of food. VacQPack is a dynamic company specialised in carrying out bio treatments in vacuum packaging using a patented valve. This method rinses your stock with nitrogen or carbon dioxide to reduce the oxygen level and kill any stock infesting insects.

VacQPack combines a vacuum technology with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). This enables the optimisation of the quality of the packaged goods inside this packaging and can sometimes prolong shelf life. Our practices offer a number of specific advantages in the area of, for instance, optimising storage, volume reduction and the prevention of transport damage caused by moisture and the formation of mould.

Other benefits of the VacQPack system include:

  • Vacuum packaging from small to big bag size
  • Suitable for food, animal feed and chemicals
  • No pesticides or regasing
  • Protecting quality during transport
  • Extended shelf life
  • Cheaper transport
  • Decreases breakage, splitting
  • Stabilises the moisture content
  • Optimum hygiene
  • Easier storage and handling
  • No repacking after sampling
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