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Disinfection on board Italy

EWS Group is taking care of disinfection and pest control on board of passenger ships and vessels, using certified hydrogen peroxide products that kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungus and viruses. The treatment is sprayed with professional nebulizers which do not damage surfaces. Disinfection treatment was recently performed on a cruise ship in Italy.

We apply two different procedures on board: one is to prevent potential spreading of viruses and bacteria, and one is to secure a specific area after a proven contamination. In both procedures, our technicians are wearing specific PPE, consisting in shoes with non-slip soles, waterproof overalls, gloves and full-face protection and filter masks.

Cross contamination
When it comes to secure a contaminated area, the technician starts with spraying a disinfectant product from the farther place, to the exit, to avoid cross contamination. To enhance the disinfection treatment, we use professional atomizers to allow the disinfectant product to reach all surfaces.

Double check

Safety comes first! Especially on board. Before boarding, technicians receive a temperature check. After that, they can wear their PPE and start the treatment. Before leaving the ship, all personnel must remove overalls and gloves, and disposal them in a specific plastic bag. All other PPE and equipment are thoroughly disinfected to avoid cross contamination.